Nooz – Luxury wellness centre with overnight accommodation

At Nooz we make your every last dream come true. One by one or all at the same time. Just the way you like. In a surprisingly luxurious and romantic setting, to be experienced together with others. But always in wonderfully private, completely timeless conditions.

What Nooz stands for:

Ultimate pleasure for all your senses

Togetherness at all times and complete privacy

Timeless and clock-free

In a completely unique location

Fully individualised

Just the way you want it…

Your private outdoor sauna experience for as long as you like

You will very quickly settle into the agreeably leisurely pace of a new life – one that you may not previously have experienced. A life whose speed and content is determined entirely by you. One that brings you rest and balance. Outside, all you can see is the mighty trees blowing in the wind and the sky above you: Nooz is set in a hectare of woodland. Inspiring aromas are wafted on the breeze, and sometimes the smell of an open fire. Ethereal music murmurs under the branches as you make your much anticipated discovery of the outdoor sauna. An experience you can savour in any season and whatever the weather. As you enjoy yourself in the outdoor sauna to suit your tastes, in completely privacy  and without any schedule to keep to, the mysterious play of colours develops before your eyes, your ears are enchanted with pleasing sounds and for your nose there are unfamiliar aromas to soothe you. With the woods as delightful backdrop, and in the company of your loved ones.


Winner of HORECA AWARD for “Innovation”.
Winner of “Best sauna” award.
Winner of Unizo award for “Creativity ambassador in the leisure category”.
Winner of the prestigious ENTERPRIZE award for “Most innovative concept”.